What is Tonido?

Tonido is an extensible personal web application platform, that offers an set of rich and powerful browser based applications.

Since applications and data are always local, your private data never has to reside on a third-party server and is available to you anytime: both offline and online. Tonido applications are served right from your own computers by the built-in webserver and allows easy access from any device with a web browser.

Tonido also connects to other Tonido instances directly via the Tonido Network. The Photos and Workspace apps use the Tonido network to directly synchronize photos and workspace data between members in a Tonido Group.

Tonido Development Platform

Open Source Platform
Licensed under Apache License
Web apps that can access your desktop
Write a new class of applications
Cross Platform
Major OSes and Archs i386, ARM etc
Message and Service based Architecture
Easy, but powerful asynchronous API
Tonido P2P Network
Network provides NAT traversal transparently
Tonido HTTP interface
Process HTTP GET/POST requests easily
Written in C++
Leverage powerful existing C++ libraries
Robust Data Sync API
Synchronize information without a central server

Tonido Platform Details


Hello World Tonido App

Here's a classic "Hello World!" Tonido application. It prints Hello World when you open the application via Tonido in the browser


Writing Tonido Applications

Tonido has been created as a platform for building a new breed of applications. If you just want to build applications using existing HTTP APIs, you can use any Web User Interface technology like HTML, JavaScript, Flash, Silverlight etc. If you want to add new HTTP APIs or use the powerful P2P functionality you need to write it in C++ (or LUA).


Tonido Platform Developers Guide Download

The developers guide is the essential guide for developers intending to build Tonido applications. The guide covers the internals of Tonido architecture as well as serving as a tutorial and introduction to writing new services which can then be exposed as new HTTP API.

Download Developers Guide PDF

Size: 1.3 MB, Published: June 29th


Tonido Platform SDK Download

The Tonido SDK is available. Visit Tonido Platform Developer Portal


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