fileCloud is 3-4 times cost effective than Dropbox
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Total Cost Comparison (fileCloud vs. Dropbox for Business)

Total Cost of Ownership: fileCloud vs. Dropbox for Business

fileCloud could save over $42,000 per year

fileCloud is better and feature rich solution than Dropbox

Before we discuss cost, let us quickly look at the product advantages of fileCloud over Dropbox. In addition to Dropbox features such file storage, access, sharing and mobile apps, Tonido’s fileCloud offers superior control on your data, granular permission options and scalability. On top of these advantages, fileCloud is 3-4 times cheaper than Dropbox. Here is a simple breakdown of total cost of ownership comparison between fileCloud vs. Dropbox for business.

fileCloud offers flexibility in addition to lower cost

fileCloud can either roll out self hosted cloud on premise with in your enterprise or host it in a cloud service like Amazon AWS. fileCloud customers has implemented both the options and they are equally happy. In the following calculations, if you are self hosting, we assume you buy a dedicated server and storage with backup. In some cases, our customers have used an existing server to host fileCloud. In such cases, the cost of ownership will be even lower. In the case of fileCloud hosted in cloud, we have assumed you use Amazon AWS. There are hosting providers who could be materially cheaper than AWS and help bring down the cost of ownership.

For simplicity, these calculations are based on static assumption that each user requires 25GB of storage and uses bandwidth at 2GB/month. In reality, you could save more by increase the storage as needed. Alternatively, in case of Dropbox, you pay one flat price and it is the same price even for a light user who would uses less storage and bandwidth.

fileCloud offers significant savings over Dropbox

The following chart summarizes the results. A company that implements fileCloud to serve 500 users, could save over $42,000 per year. Even for a 25 user installation, fileCloud could save $2,000 per year. These savings will be even higher if you could leverage an existing server or grow storage as you need.

Total Cost Chart : fileCloud vs. Dropbox

FileCloud is three to four times cheaper. Saves over $42,000 per year for 500 user installation.

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