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Tonido Money Manager

Money Manager browser version is now available for Download!

Tonido Money Manager is currently available as an application that runs on your desktop but via the browser. This means you can run it on one machine, but can potentially access it from anywhere, from your local intranet or from the internet or even from a mobile phone. And since the application and data is fully under your control, you don't need to worry about the privacy of your personal financial data.




How is this possible?

The open source MMEX is being rewritten from scratch (*yes*) to run under Tonido which is a web application platform that allows you to run your own personal cloud. In case you didn't know, Tonido allows you to run apps (PIM, Music Player, Personal Journal etc are currently available) as browser based apps that can be installed in one machine and accessed from anywhere. Money Manager is part of that suite. If you want to, you can download Tonido now and check it out.

Will this new app be compatible with MMEX?

Yes, it will maintain 100% compatibility with MMEX Desktop version Databases you have. And that means you can open it in Tonido Money Manager, edit it, switch to the desktop app if you want.