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Awesome… going to explode!Read More →
Tonido balances security and usability!Read More →
I’m completely impressed!Read More →
Tonido brings cloud computing home by using your computer as the storage server and host for the applications. Read More →
Screw the Cloud! Tonido Wants to Put Your Apps on YOUR Computer. Read More →
You could be anywhere in the world and can stream music directly to your phone! Read More →
With Tonido, you’ll be able to access your files from a mobile device. Read More →
Within minutes, you’ll have your own personal cloud ready to use from anywhere! Read More →
Tonido Personal Cloud is great to share and sync files! Read More →
Access your data and Tonido applications from any device with a web browser. Read More →
By far the most elegant and user-friendly. Read More →
Tonido: Cloudless Computing On Your Desktop. Read More →
Overall I am very impressed with Tonido and TonidoPlug. Read More →
Tonido is beautifully simple to get up and running. Read More →
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