Tonido Windows Installation


Installation Paths

Tonido Account Data Paths

It is recommended to backup this folder in case you want to be sure all your data is safe.

Reinstalling Tonido

  1.  Your Tonido local data is not removed when you uninstall Tonido unless you select an option during uninstall.
  2.  Make sure that Tonido is not running when you reinstall Tonido.
  3.  Exit Tonido before starting the installer.

Uninstalling Tonido and Deleting Account

Tonido installer should be used to uninstall Tonido.  Please use that to uninstall and select the option to delete all local Tonido data (Which will delete your account as well).

There are NO user data stored in Tonido servers to delete. The Tonido account however will no longer be available for any new installation and it cannot be removed.