For Video, Tonido does not re-encode video to format requested by device, so the video will only play if the device is capable of playing back that format natively.

Web Browser

Tonido uses VLC plugins and a variety of other available plugins on the browser to playback content. Most video will playback, but some may not. It depends upon the video format.

It is recommended to install VLC application that contains the browser plugins (Mozilla and IE) to playback video.


The iPhone app will playback videos that can be played back on the iPhone. Additionally, for streaming support, the video's meta data MUST be stored in the beginning and not in the end.


Some video MP4 files have their meta-data at the end of the file rather than at the start. So this makes it impossible for the video plugin to start the video until it gets the metadata. 

Once you download the tool, run the following command to fix the video file: 


mp4box -isma <video_file>