TonidoPlug runs Linux; hence technically you can install other software (limited by memory size and process speed). However, we don't offer any kind of technical support if you attempt to do this.  When you install other software we recommend you to boot the TonidoPlug from either external USB drive or SATA disk. If you install software on flash and brick the device CodeLathe is not responsible for it.



TonidoPlug 1 uses Ubuntu 9.04. Ubuntu has stopped ARM support and has removed their software repository for  Ubuntu ARM. This affects TonidoPlug 1 and users of TonidoPlug 1 can no longer update software with the built-in repository. Follow these instructions to switch to a new working repository and update packages when required.

deb jaunty main restricted universe multiverse


 root@TonidoPlug:~# mkdir -p /var/cache/apt/archives/partial


root@TonidoPlug:~# apt-get update


Now you can install any package using the "apt-get install" command.