1. You will need a TonidoPro subscription or have a TonidoPlug Hardware device
  2. TonidoDrive can be used only for Windows


  1. If you are using a TonidoPlug and want to access your files in your LAN, it is more efficient to connect to the USB drive as a network share. See TonidoPlug: Access as a Drive
  2. For Operating Systems other than Windows, please go to Access Files As Local Drive

Access your Tonido server files like you would access any other files your hard disk on your Windows based PC. 

TonidoDrive is fully secure and is built using a robust Windows filesystem driver so you can access your files with confidence. 

Please follow the steps below to install and use TonidoDrive:

Install TonidoDrive

Download Tonido Drive from: 

Use the following screenshots for reference for Installation:

1) Click on the download TonidoDrive execution file:

2) Installation progress:

3) Reboot after installation:

Settings for Map as Local Drive in Tonido

To map your Tonido server, simply enter your Tonido account information, for example:

1) Entering Tonido account information:


          User: john

          Password: <Tonido account password>

2) When you have proper Tonido credentials entered, click Ok:

3) TonidoDrive automatically picks up a available mount point. For example, in the above screenshot, TonidoDrive picked "H:" to be the mount point.

4) Now you have your Tonido server mapped as a drive using TonidoDrive. You can add/delete/edit files that is on your Tonido server.

 When using Port Forwarding

If you are using port forwarding, please make sure to provide the correct port number