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Sometimes, it is necessary to collect tonido.log file to troubleshoot various problems. 

By default, Tonido's logging is turned off so it is faster. 

To capture the tonido.log with useful information it is required to do these steps. 

  1. Change the Settings->Log->Log Level Drop Down box, set it to "trace"
  2. Run Tonido and try to reproduce the problem you had or leave it running for a while for the problem you see to re-occur.
  3. Once the problem happens again, send us the tonido.log file. 

You can download the log file via the Settings -> Log Tab -> Download Log File.

If you want to manually download the file:
The tonido.log file is located in the following location: 


In Windows XP:"C:\Documents and Settings\yourname\Application Data\Tonido\data\logs"
In Windows Vista:  "C:\Users\YourName\AppData\Roaming\Tonido\data\logs" 

Linux & Mac OSX: 

The log is located in your Tonido home directory : ~/tonido/data/logs 


The log is located in /root/app/tonido/approot/logs

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