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Indexed Folders (Specify indexed folders)

Tonido by default will index Pictures, Videos, and Music folder that is in Documents.You can also click on "Add Folder to Index" to add any other media files to be indexed.Indexing can be done Automatically / Manually. Finally, enable "Enable indexing" check-box.

 Allowed Folders (Specify Allowed Folders)

Tonido by default shows all your files in your computer or device. To restrict access to only a few folders that you wish to show remotely, you can add these folders and enable the "Enable access to only selected Folders" checkboxcheck-box. If you are modifying the list, it is recommended to disable the checkboxcheck-box, add the new folder and then re-enable the checkboxcheck-box.



List (Hide file and folder names)

You can use this feature to remove certain files from file listings. The strings used are matched using "Regular Expressions".Running

Jobs (Background jobs in progress)

Shows the status of jobs that were started by "Prepare Media" function. Prepare Media recursively goes through all the folders on which it is run and then creates image thumbnails and images suitable for slideshows. This speeds up image gallery browsing considerably.

Use Different Account

To create a new Tonido account on the device using a different URL than what is being used currently, you can use this feature. For more details see: Create a new Tonido Account

Change Language

Allows you to change the Tonido UI to a different language. The language selection is remembered till it is changed again.