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For Video, Tonido does not re-encode video to format requested by device, so the video will only play if the device is capable of playing back that format natively.

Video Playback Support

Tonido clients (Web browser, iPhone, iPad Apps, Android Apps) can play video files without downloading the video (a.k.a streaming).  In most cases, the natively supported format (such as mp4 in the case of iOS) will play from any Tonido server. But depending on the Tonido server and client, additional formats can also be streamed. Read the following for more details.

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Supported Video Formats

Web Browser can normally play MP4, M4V, M4V natively most of the times without conversion required.

With additional plugins (VLC), Web Browser can support more video types. If a video is not supported, you can also convert it to a compatible format by using the "Create Optimized Video" option.

Other recognized Video Types: FLV, MOV, 3GP, 3G2, MPG, MKV, AVI, DAT, WMV, VOB, TS

For Web Browser

Tonido uses VLC plugins and a variety of other available plugins on the browser to playback content. Most video will playback, but some may not. It depends upon the video format.

It is recommended to install VLC application that contains the browser plugins (Mozilla and IE) to playback video.


The iPhone app will playback videos that can be played back on the iPhone. Additionally, for streaming support, the video's meta data MUST be stored in the beginning and not in the end.


Some video MP4 files have their meta-data at the end of the file rather than at the start. So this makes it impossible for the video plugin to start the video until it gets the metadata. 

  •  If you are converting your existing video to a playback friendly format,  you have to specify that the the video is "Web Optimized" or similar. For example, in Handbrake you have to use the "Web Optimized" option.
  •  If you already have an MP4 video you can workaround this problem by remux (re-encode) the video file in question with a tool called mp4box. Look for the doc and download links from this link

Once you download the tool, run the following command to fix the video file: 


mp4box -isma <video_file>


To play a Video

Click on the video file and select "Play" on the context menu.

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Video Playback Options

A video playback options dialog is shown allowing you to select your playback options.

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Play Original Video

You can select to playback the original video as is. If the format is supported by the Video Player available on the browser (VLC, Flash, Native) etc it will play. It is recommended to install VLC application along with it's browser plugins for the widest video compatibility.

Create Optimized Video

If you are unable to play back the original video file, you can convert the video to an optimized streaming MP4 video format. This will take time. After the optimized video is created it will be available as an option in the playback options dialog. You can click on "Play Optimized Video" to playback the created video. Only Tonido Desktop running on Windows, Linux, Mac allow creating optimized video. TonidoPlug doesn't support this function.

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Switching to Full Screen

Double click the video inside the video player to switch to full screen mode inside the browser. Double click again to switch back to windowed player.

iOS devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod)

Read the iOS FAQ for more information about iOS video streaming capability.