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Once TonidoPlug is setup, your TonidoPlug requires little or no maintenance. However, it is recommended that you keep the Tonido software running on your TonidoPlug up-to-date to get the latest and greatest software, functionality and bug fixes. New Tonido software improves performance and gives your plug new capabilities.


Once new Tonido software is released, it will automatically show up as available for installation. Tonido update will be done in a two step process.

  •        Update Tonido core.
  •        Update Tonido applications.


 Update Tonido Core


To update Tonido core, login to your account, click on "Tools" -> "Settings" from the top menu bar. Click on "Check for Update" button.



If you get a message that says update available, click on "Update Now" link. This will update the Tonido core application software. Once the update is complete you need to re-login into Tonido to update Tonido applications. (Wait for 2 minutes for Tonido to restart after update).


 Update Tonido Applications

To update Tonido applications, login to your Tonido account, click on "Tools"->"Settings" from the top menu bar. Click on "Check For Updates" button and click on application updates. You will now see a list of Tonido applications. Click on "Update All Apps" button on the top of the application list panel. This will update any applications. No restart is necessary.