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Table of Contents

Tonido Apps Management

Tonido provides with some Apps for their users benefits.




Explorer View is a feature that is integrated with  Tonido that allows a user to access a document library as if you were accessing a file system through a Windows Explorer window.

Make sure Explorer is always in "resume" status.


SCREENSHARE (for Tonido 1-Click Share )

Screen sharing is the easy way to collaborate with a friend or colleague.


titleTonido 1-Click Share

Tonido 1-Click Share can be achieved only if "screenshare" app is installed.


The search function is now available to search across all available document library in Tonido.


WEBSHARE PRO / WEBSHARE (both same now)

Webshare and Webshare Pro are now one and the same.


This would enable sharing of system files using Tonido 1-click share.


Enjoy your photos, music and videos from anywhere.   Quickly stream your entire media collection to any device. You are no longer limited by your phone's or tablet's capacity.