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ALL that changes with Tonido, where you own your storage and is completely run and managed by you!

With the latest Tonido iOS Android App and Tonido server (Both free upgrades of course!) you can now get this feature in your very own private cloud. No more storage fee, No more subscriptions, privacy concerns! you simply slap in a cheap hard disk and point it to Tonido to use it for backing up your photos and videos.

This functionality is currently available only in the Tonido iOS Android app and will soon be coming to the Android version as well.

So, What is needed?

1. The latest Tonido iOS Android app from Apple appstore (v7.0).


2. Under “Mobile Media Backup”, Check if the current “Media Store Location” is the place you want the images/videos to be stored (This is selected by the app automatically if nothing was set by the user). If not, set a correct folder.




Android App side

Open your iOS Android App,

You will see a new icon on the bottom left . Tap that icon to open the Camera Upload settings


How often is the backup done?

The iOS Android app cannot operate (or start automatically) in background, so when the user starts the app, it will check and initiate the backup


If a photo or video is present in the iOS Android device but not in the remote Tonido server, The iOS Android app will treat those conditions as new local image and will upload it. The only way to prevent upload is to manually delete file in the iOS Android device itself.


Is there a size limit on the photo or video to be uploaded?

No. There is no limit on the number or size of photos or videos that can be uploaded to Tonido. The only requirement is, you need to have enough free space to allow the app to import the photo or video first and then upload (For example, if you have 100MB video file, then you must have at least 110MB of free space. Once upload is completed the temporary file will be deleted)



What happens if remote store folder is not available or is full?

In cases where the remote store folder is not available or deleted or is full, the iOS Android app will not upload any more photos/videos until that issue is resolved. The status will be set to “Exception” in the app.


What about other platforms?

The next platform to get this support will be Android. After that, depending on user demand, we may port it to Windows store and Window Phone apps.