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Shows your Account information and allows you to edit the information, including your password, remote login question/answer and email address associated with your account.

Account Name: Shows you the account name. This is used in the URL to the computer or device. Say account name is 'john', then the URL will be This cannot be edited.

Account (Change Personal Information)

Change Password: Allows changing the account password. You can change password only if you know the original password.

Remote Login Qn (and) Remote Login AnsChange Display Name: Allows changing the Display Name associated with the account

Change Email: Allows changing the email address associated with the account. A valid account is needed so that password recovery works.

Remote Login (Add Additional Security)

Set Remote Login and Answer: For additional security, you can add an additional remote login question and answer that will be required for login when logging in remotely via the web browser and the mobile client.

Display Name: Shows you the name that is actually displayed in the UI if different from the account name.

Password Hint: Shows a hint in the LAN when logging in, useful if you forget your password.

Location: Allows you to set the location that can be useful for certain Tonido applications.

Email: Shows you the email address associated with your account. It is important to keep a current and valid email address so that in case you forget your password you can recover it.

Tonido ID: Shows you the associated Tonido ID associated with your account. Cannot be edited.

Account Directory: Shows you the current location where the your user account information is stored. You can backup this location using the Backup Wizard.

Location (Data Storage Location)

Change User Data Directory: Shows you the current location where Tonido will save user data. You can change this location if you want.
Please note that for the TonidoPlug, you need to make sure the directory is set to a plugged in Hard drive and the path is valid. If the User Data Directory is set incorrectly, all applications will get suspended.

Account Image: Allows you to set an account image useful for some Tonido Applications.


Language (Switch to different Language)

Change the Language: Switches to a different language

Account (Switch to a different account)

Switch Account: Allows you change the name associated with that computer or TonidoPlug either by switching to different account or by creating a new account