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To get the full benefit of Tonido, it helps to understand how Tonido operates.
Tonido Software is Personal Cloud software, which simply means that it allows access to all your files in your computer or device on which it is running,

One of the greatest benefits of Tonido is the convenience of getting access to all your files (music, documents, videos) wherever you are as well as keeping all your files ( (music, documents, videos)  private.
Tonido breaks down the access barriers to your computer.

To understand how this is setup, it is quite simple.

  1. You install the Tonido Desktop software on the main computer that has all the files, media that you want to access
  2. You then create an account to access that computer. Say you create an account called "jane_homepc", then the URL to access your computer becomes ""
  3. You can access this computer from anywhere (as long as the computer is switched on) via a web browser by typing the URL ""
  4. You can access this computer from a mobile phone running Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Blackberry, Windows Phone by installing the "Tonido" app from the mobile app store or marketplace.
  5. You can sync files from other computers to the main computer by installing the Tonido Sync2 client. This will synchronize the contents of one folder in all your computers where you have installed the Tonido Sync2 client.
  6. All the above features are completely free. 

Sharing files with Guests

  • You can create guest accounts and give them access to some files or folders
  • Guest users can login via Mobile phones to get access to only files or folders shared with them

Here are the key points to note:

  • You don't need to upload any files to an online cloud storage to access your files on the go
  • You do need to keep your computer or device switched on to access your files. If your computer/device is switched off, you cannot access your files. 
  • You don't need to install Tonido Desktop software if you already have the TonidoPlug because the TonidoPlug already has the Tonido software running inside it.
  • You can either download and run Tonido on your computer OR buy the TonidoPlug (not sold currently)  which has the Tonido software running inside OR buy any other NAS from other companies that has Tonido software in it.
  • When you connect to your Tonido software within the same network on which it is installed (for e.g. in your Home network), you are connecting directly to it for fast access.
  • When you connect to your Tonido software outside the network, say the internet, you are connecting to your home via our relay servers. 
  • No data is stored by us, yes, not even your password. 

User Accounts

  • When you setup a Tonido account, you are setting up an Admin account. The Admin account has full access to all the files in the system.
  • If you want to share only a few folders or files to another user, you can setup a "Guest Account". Guest Accounts only have access to the files that are shared with them.

What you can do

Once you setup your Tonido software, here's a list of fun things you can do with it

  • Listen to your music via a browser or via a mobile phone
  • View all your photos via a browser or via a mobile phone
  • Download files via a browser or via a mobile phone for offline use
  • and much much more..
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