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  • Note: An Unique Computer Name is needed for each unique computer that you want to access remotely. Account Recovery is only to be used when you lost all data in the computer and you wish to re-instate the same account name on that computer or if you are moving Tonido install from one computer to a new computer
  • Note: If you need remote access to multiple computers, you need to create a new account name for each computer, you should NOT do account recovery
  • Note: that only your account name is recovered, it is not possible to recover any of your Tonido data. So we still recommend making periodic backups of your data.

As long as you have associated a proper Email ID along with your deleted Tonido account, you can recover your account name when you reinstall Tonido.

To recover an old account when you reinstall Tonido, click on “New Account” and choose “Recover Account”.

After providing the email-id, you have to submit it. If the email-id given by you matches the previously given id then you will 

get a Recovery Code dialog box. You will get a recovery code via email, paste that recovery code into the recovery code text box to recover your account.

Once after you give Submit, the Tonido will automatically fill your Name and Email ID you can recover your account by setting a password for it.

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