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TonidoPlug2 Boot Order

TonidoPlug2 is also an NAS enclosure. It can be booted from

  1. Internal Flash (Default)
  2. External USB Disk
  3. Internal SATA Disk

Here is the order of booting

  1. Internal SATA Disk - This is always the first boot device (if present)
  2. Bootable External USB Disk - This gets the second preference (if present)
  3. Internal Flash - This gets the last preference. (default, when no other bootable devices are present)

Important Notes

  • If you have a SATA drive, then the plug will always try to boot from that. You cannot boot from a USB disk with SATA drive present (irrespective of whether SATA drive is bootable or not)
  • This means that with SATA drive present you have only two possibilities: (1) Boot from the SATA drive (2) Boot from internal flash.
  • If you have a requirement to boot from USB disk, then either SATA drive should be removed from the plug or make modifications to uboot settings.
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