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Will my storage device work with with TonidoPlug?

TonidoPlug is compatible with most external USB 2.0 hard drives and flash drives. TonidoPlug 2's hard drive dock supports 2.5" SATA laptop hard drives.


Which file systems does TonidoPlug support?

FAT, FAT32, NTFS, HFS+, ext2, and ext3 are supported.  TonidoPlug 1 recognize HFS drives, but they are not mounted automatically.


TonidoPlug only has one USB port. Is there any way I can I attach multiple USB devices to it?

Yes; you can use a USB hub. TonidoPlug will automatically identify each device connected to the hub. For best compatibility, we recommend using a powered USB hub.


How do I know if TonidoPlug will work with my home/company network?

TonidoPlug's remote access features work right out of the box; there are no complicated configuration changes to make. The only requirement is that you allow outgoing UDP/TCP connections, which is allowed by default in 99% of networks.


Do I need to buy any additional software with my TonidoPlug?

No. Your plug comes with a complete set of browser-based Tonido applications: Explorer, Search, WebsharePro, Sync, and more. You can use TonidoPlug Admin to manage your storage devices and change network settings.

If you'd like to get the most from your TonidoPlug's software, you may purchase a yearly subscription to TonidoPro. To see the full benefits of TonidoPro, visit

Can I access my TonidoPlug from anywhere?

Yes. Once you create a Tonido account for your TonidoPlug, you can access it from any web browser by browsing to http://<accountname>

You can also access your TonidoPlug with the Tonido smartphone app.


Does CodeLathe store any of my information on its servers?

Other than your Tonido account's name and your TonidoPlug's MAC address, which is used to locate it when you browse to http://<accountname>, CodeLathe doesn’t store any user information on its servers, including your password. Your communications, files, and data are kept private because they're all stored on your TonidoPlug.

Files on your TonidoPlug that you share with others are downloaded directly from your TonidoPlug.


What will happen to my TonidoPlug if CodeLathe goes out of business?

Nothing. Your TonidoPlug will continue to work as always. See this post for details.

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