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This section contains the list of best practices while using your plug. This section will also list potential problems that you might run into if the proper procedure is not followed.


Best Practice

Potential Problem



Before detaching an USB disk attached to TonidoPlug, you need to unmount all partitions mounted. Look here for more information on how to mount/unmount the drive.

If you detach the USB disk without unmounting all the disk partitions:  

       Your internal flash might get full very quickly, stopping all running process in the plug including Tonido.       

       When the disk is connected back, it will not be mounted on the same path as it was mounted before.



Leave the default network setting of TonidoPlug to DHCP. Change it to a static IP address only if you are familiar with network administration. Look here for more information on how network settings.

If you assign an incorrect static IP address to the plug, it will become inaccessible. It will be hard to recover such a failure.


3When you set a password for Plug Admin, please note the password that you are using. If you forget this password, it will be difficult (though possible) to reset the password.  SEVERE
4Always attach an USB disk to TonidoPlug before powering it on.If an USB disk is not found when Tonido software starts, it will suspend all the plugins to prevent the internal flash getting full. In this case you need to restart Tonido or reboot the plug. 


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