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Pls. note:  Not supported anymore


About Sync Upgrade for mydlink Cloud

Sync Upgrade for mydlink Cloud is a yearly subscription service that increases sync capacity to 50 GB.

Buy mydlink Cloud Sync Upgrade from the Tonido Store.

  1. Create an user account in the Tonido Store and Buy "Sync Upgrade for mydlink Cloud" from the Tonido Store.
  2. Log in to your Tonido device. Go to Tools → Settings and then click Check for Updates to make sure you have the latest version of mydlink Cloud installed.
  3. Click Applications on the left side of the screen. Go to App Store Tab.
  4. Enter the Store user account from (1) and set store account details.
  5. If you have purchased "Sync Upgrade", the "Activation" button will appear. Click Activate button to activate "Sync Upgrade".


 Troubleshooting Activation
  • Make sure the store credentials are entered exactly what you have in the Tonido store account. If you changed the password on the Tonido store, make sure you re-enter the credentials.
  • Mac OSX: If you have a problem activating TonidoPro, make sure to stop Tonido, move the Tonido app outside "Applications" and to your Desktop. Restart it, do the activation and then move it back into "Applications". 
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