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How Tonido Sync Works


Tonido sync2  app creates a special folder on each of your computers (called the "tonidosync" folder). Simply adding files to this sync folder will automatically sync the file to your Sync folder, which means you can open it from any other computer, smartphone, or tablet that also has Tonido installed. 

This is useful to keep an offline copy of your Tonido documents and work on them when you are not connected to the internet. After editing and working on files, when you connect back to the internet, the Tonido sync2 app will upload the changes you had made automatically to the Tonido server.



Step 1:  Download the TonidoSync2 app on the client machine from  


Step 2: Install TonidoSync2 Client app on "client" computers

Go to other computers that you want to synchronize and install the small TonidoSync2 app for your OS. (available for Windows, Linux or Mac).

TonidoSync2 Client app must be downloaded only on other computers where you want to sync-files. It will not be supported in the computer that is already supporting Sync App.

It will prompt an error saying TonidoSync2 is Already running. 



After install, start the app and enter the Tonido server credentials, same as what you would do for mobile apps.


A new TonidoSync folder is created on your source computer

Now any files added to the Sync folder in any computer are synced to other computers automatically.

Open SYNC folder option

The Tonido folder can be accessed by double-clicking the "Tonido Sync" application icon or by selecting the "Open Sync Folder" option in the options menu.

Default Sync Folder Location





Sync Folder




Open Tonido Website from Sync App

You can click on "Open Website" to open the Tonido server website. You will have to login to view your files.



Starting a Manual Sync

Sync will automatically detect changes to specified folders and will upload and download changes automatically. In case you want to initiate an explicit sync process directly, you can select the "Sync Now" option to kick off a new sync process.


Viewing Sync App Status

To view all the activity of the sync app, you can open the sync app menu and select "Show Status". This will display a small window which shows current sync activity.


Sync App Activity Log

To view a list of recently synced files, you can select "Recent Activity"

File browser 

The File Browser is similar to Windows Explorer or Mac OSX Finder with the only difference being that the files being worked on are remote.

The Tonidosync2 app contains a remote file browser function to access, edit and view all files on the server. This is an alternative to the web browser to access Tonido. To open the File Browser, you will need to right click the sync app to open the sync app's context menu and then select the "File Browser" option.



The File Browser user interface opens:


You can navigate to different locations in the remote FileCloud server by different methods.

tree to navigate to different folders

By double-clicking folders on the right hand side folder listing

By entering the full path in the path entry text area and then pressing enter

You can also navigate to older locations that you previously visited by using the History back and forward arrows.


Editing a file

Double-click a file to open the file for editing. Make changes and hit save, the changes will get uploaded to the server automatically.


Right click on the particular file :


Upload Files or Folders

You can drag and drop files or folders into the right hand side folder listing to upload the files directly to Tonido.


Create a New Folder

Select the Create Folder icon to create a new folder in the current location.

Viewing Favorites

Quickly navigate to different folders or files saved in favorites by using the Favorites menu.

Miscellaneous options

Clear the log messages by selecting the "View" menu and select the 'Clear Log' option.

Clear the pending upload or download queue items by selecting the "View" menu and selecting the "Clear Queue' option

Limiting what gets Synced

 You can choose to limit what gets synced to a particular computer via the Tonido sync app. This is useful when you have terabytes of data in an account and you only want a few gigabytes of folders locally to conserve space. 

To limit folders that gets synced, click on More Options-> Other settings


Only the folder that is selected here gets synced.

Then click on "Add Folder" to select folders you want synced. You can click on "Remove Folder" to remove any folders that were previously selected.


The following sync modes are currently supported


SyncThis is 2 way sync mode.
Files from local are uploaded to remote server.
Remote changes are also synced to local.
Local to RemoteThis is one way sync, where only changes from local are synced to remote server. No changes are synced from remote to local.
Remote to LocalThis is one way sync, where only changes from remote are synced to local. No changes are synced from local to remote.

Remote Delete option:

By default, local files and folders deleted do not get deleted on the remote server for security.

To enable remote server file delete, enable the checkbox below for the folders selected.

Remote delete works both ways ONLY for sync mode.

Remote delete does not have effect for Backup (Local to Remote) since it is ONLY a complete backup of your data.


More Options

The following actions are available in the "More Options" menu 





Change Sync Folder

It allows you to change the location where the sync folder is stored. You can move it to a different drive for instance if storage space is an issue.

Reset All Sync Data

Sometimes, you might want to clear the synchronization state information in the sync app and make it reset all the internal data.
This will make it recreate the sync state again from the server. Note that no files in the sync folder are deleted or affected. ie if the file already exists locally it will not be re-downloaded.

View Errors and Conflicts

Shows you a list of errors and conflicts encountered during the sync process. Useful for troubleshooting sync problems.

Account Settings

Change user account and server information used for connection.

Other Settings

Change additional Settings such as Network Folder Sync for offline access of Network Folders, Backup, Selective Sync and Proxy Settings.

Run at Windows Startup

(Windows Only): Runs Tonido Sync app when Windows starts up.

Check for Updates

Checks if there are any new updates for the sync app.


Tonido customer support might request logging information from you in case there are any sync problems.

Select this menu item to open the folder where the "Syncclient.log" and "Syncclient.db" folder are present. This might need to be sent to support to help troubleshoot the issue.


To set other advanced options, you can select more options->OtherSettings and choose the Advanced Tab.





Proxy Settings

This allows to set the HTTP Proxy settings (a restart of the sync app is needed) in that case.

Sync Frequency

You can change the built-in sync frequency from 120 seconds to something faster

Disable Notifications

Disable notifications raised by sync for errors and other new files uploaded or downloaded

White Progress Icon

If you use a dark background, the sync progress icons might not be easily visible, so in that case you can turn on white progress icon

Like Tonido Remote access which is fully free to use, TonidoSync2 also has NO size limits.

Tonido's sync2 works irrespective of where the client is connected from, in the LAN or on the Internet. The sync solution uses the same technology used by Tonido Remote access so when the sync occurs over the internet, the data is transferred over our Relay servers.

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