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You wanted to set TonidoPlug with a static IP, but after setting it you are unable to access the plug. This might happen if you used an incorrect information on the static IP setting. You need to reset the IP address scheme to DHCP and then connect to the plug to fix the problem.



Follow these steps to reset the plug to get a DHCP IP address:

1.      Download the password recovery zip from the following link.

2.      Unzip the contents of the zip file onto an USB stick (FAT32 formatted stick preferably). Ensure that the USB drive has the following structure. <USB_Stick>\tonido\autoexe\

3.      Now plug the USB stick into TonidoPlug and wait for a minute.

4.      Now TonidoPlug should be configured for DHCP.



Not all USB disks or sticks are compatible for this procedure to be successful. At end of the procedure, if the plug's IP address scheme is not reset to DHCP, please repeat the procedure with a different USB stick.


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