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Tonido makes it effortless to manage your files remotely via a web browser or through a mobile app.

After logging in, you will see in the web browser, a navigation pane on the left and the content pane on the right.

Browsing through Folders

To navigate through your files, simply click on folder name and it will navigate into that folder. To return back to a previous folder, simply click on the folder name in the breadcrumb toolbar or select the folder name from the drop drown.

Searching for a file name in a folder

To search for a specific file or folder, simply type in some letters in the name in the "Filter" box

Uploading a file into a folder

You can upload files by either one of the two methods. You can navigate to any folder and click on the "Upload Icon" and select files to upload. You can select multiple files.

Or you can drag-and-drop multiple files from your desktop into the browser window.


View a Photo Gallery

You can switch from normal file listing to photo gallery view by clicking on the "Gallery Tab".

The following photo formats are supported for remote viewing: JPG, PNG, CR2, NEF, CRW, RAF, PEF, ARW

View SlideShow

You can start a photo slideshow by clicking on the slideshow button.

See bigger Photo Thumbnails

See bigger thumbnails, by clicking on the big thumbnail button.

Download File

Click on a file and in the context menu, click "Download"

Download Folder

Click on the folder entry (either checkbox, or outside the name)

Copy, Move, Delete Files or Folders

Select a single files or multiple files using the checkbox and then click on the Copy, Move, Delete Icons



How do I access other Drives?

Access files in different drive locations

One of the common questions we receive is about accessing files that are in other drives (such as D:\, F:\ etc)

Tonido allows access to all files in all drives that are available through the Operating System. You can access the drives and volumes under the  "Drives" group.

This is accessible via web UI and by the mobile clients.

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