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Tonido Apps Management

Tonido provides with some Apps for their users benefits.




Explorer View is a feature that is integrated with  Tonido that allows a user to access a document library as if you were accessing a file system through a Windows Explorer window.

Make sure Explorer is always in "resume" status.


SCREENSHARE (for Tonido 1-Click Share )

Screen sharing is the easy way to collaborate with a friend or colleague.

Once screen share is set up,   "LIVE VIEW: "  link can be given to friend or a colleague for screen sharing along with security user / password.

Tonido 1-Click Share

Tonido 1-Click Share can be achieved only if "screenshare" app is installed.


The search function is now available to search across all available document library in Tonido.


WEBSHARE PRO / WEBSHARE (both same now)

Webshare and Webshare Pro are now one and the same.

Webshare must be installed and be in status " resume" .

This would enable sharing of system files using Tonido 1-click share.


Enjoy your photos, music and videos from anywhere.   Quickly stream your entire media collection to any device. You are no longer limited by your phone's or tablet's capacity.

Make sure Mediaserver app is installed and in "resume" state in the Apps tab.

You will then notice     icon on the  left navigation panel.


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