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Tonido Mac OS X Installation


  •  Tonido requires minimum of Mac OS X 10.8 and above.


  1. Download TonidoSetup.dmg
  2. Open the TonidoSetup.dmg
  3. Move the tonidomac app to your applications directory or any other directory of your choosing
  4. Start Tonido by double-clicking "Tonido" app



Uninstalling Tonido and Deleting Account

Uninstalling Tonido has two steps in Mac OS.

  1. Delete /Applications/Tonido.App 

  2. Delete all local data stored by Tonido and Profile by deleting rm -rf ~/tonido

There are NO user data stored in Tonido servers to delete. The Tonido account however will no longer be available for any new installation and it cannot be removed.

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