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Follow these steps to configure and use your brand new TonidoPlug:

1. Connect cables

To start using your TonidoPlug you need to connect these cables.

  •        Connect TonidoPlug to your home router with a CAT 5/5e/6 ethernet cable.
  •        Connect an external USB hard drive to the USB slot with an USB 2.0 cable or/and insert a 2.5" SATA drive
  •        Finally, connect TonidoPlug to a power outlet with the power cable provided in the box.

Now wait until the LED turns blue.


2. Determine TonidoPlug's IP Address

TonidoPlug out-of-box is configured for receiving DHCP IP address from your home router. You can find this IP by either by going to TonidoPlug's website or by looking at your home router. Both methods are explained below.


 From TonidoPlug Website

Open the URL using a web browser. This web page will list the TonidoPlug detected from your home. If you have multiple TonidoPlugs, then all the plugs detected will be listed on this page. Select the plug you want to connect and click on the  icon to connect to it.

 From Your Router

Every home router provides a password protected admin website to configure various aspects of the router. This page will also provide the list of DHCP clients connected to the router at any given instance. If you are familiar with accessing this website, then you can retrieve your plug's IP address from this list. Once you determine the IP address, open the URL http://<Plug_DHCP_Address>:10001/ using a web browser.


3. Configure TonidoPlug Hardware

When you connect to TonidoPlug from a web browser for the first time, you will be greeted with a configuration wizard. This wizard lets you setup some basic parameters of the plug. Follow the on screen instructions and configure your TonidoPlug.
The default password for TonidoPlug is 'nosoup4u'. For security reasons, you will be prompted to change the password. Please assign a strong password as this is the plug's root password.


4. Create Tonido Account


Now that you have setup TonidoPlug's hardware settings, it is time to create a Tonido account. This is important because without a Tonido account you will not be able to access/share your files from remote location. When the hardware wizard closes, you will be shown a page to create the Tonido account. Upon successful creation of the account, you can access your TonidoPlug from anywhere on the internet using the URL . You will not need any further network configurations or setup for remote access.


5. Update Tonido Software

Tonido software is constantly updated with new features and bug fixes. It is recommended to update Tonido software to the latest level. Tonido update will be done in a two step process.

       Update Tonido core.

       Update Tonido applications.


 Update Tonido Core

To update Tonido core, login to your account, click on "Tools" -> "Settings" from the top menu bar. Click on "Check for Update" button.



If you get a message that says update available, click on "Update Now" link. This will update the Tonido core application software. Once the update is complete you need to re-login into Tonido to update Tonido applications. (Wait for 2 minutes for Tonido to restart after update).


 Update Tonido Applications

To update Tonido applications, login to your Tonido account, click on "Tools"->"Settings" from the top menu bar. Click on "Check For Updates" button and click on application updates. You will now see a list of Tonido applications. Click on "Update All Apps" button on the top of the application list panel. This will update any applications. No restart is necessary.


6. Setup the default storage location on connected HDD 


TonidoPlug requires an external HDD attached either via a USB port or in the SATA bay. In addition to an attached drive, you also need to make sure the "User Data Directory" Setting is pointing to the attached drive path. If you pull out a drive and re-connect a different drive, make sure to change the drive path in the User Data Directory to this new path. Otherwise, applications will not work properly and will get "suspended".


Tonido software requires external storage to store application data from apps like Sync etc. Without a connected HDD, Tonido software will not function properly.

Tonido has a setting called "User Data Directory" under Settings->Account and it has to be setup to point to a connected external storage location. This location will store all Tonido application data that is not stored on the TonidoPlug internal storage.  If for any reason, you disconnect a HDD connected to the plug or if the disk is not connected properly, this location is unavailable and all applications will be SUSPENDED.  

So, ensure that a HDD is connected and is available for browsing under the "USB Drives" section.

Next, go to Settings->User Account and make sure that the location set under User Data Directory is OK. The default location is /media/disk1part1. If your HDD is mounted in a different location, make sure to change the path to the new location. You can re-enable the applications after setting this correctly. 

Now TonidoPlug is configured and ready for use. 
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