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What is Indexing?

Indexing is a function that is available in Tonido (v4.x onwards) which searches for certain file types such as Photos, Audio and Video and organizes them for different type of access. Once files are indexed, different clients such as the web browser, mobile clients can provide rich user experience in accessing those file.

Once a folder is set for indexing, Tonido server will scan the folders and will build an "index" of files based on their meta data. The folders will be rescanned periodically as well to detect changes to the files.

Please  Note:  Only files greater than 20 KB for photos,  500KB for Audio, 1 MB for Video would be considered for indexing.






How do I set up Indexing?

Tonido automatically will scan Major OS specific default locations for Photos, Videos and Audio.

But in systems such as the TonidoPlug or Linux, there is no default location and the user must manually add the locations to index.

Any number of folders can be added for indexing.

In order to add or remove folders for indexing, you will need to follow the following steps:

  1. Open the browser and connect to the Tonido server instance by entering
  2. Navigate to Settings
  3. Open the Misc Tab
  4. Under the "Indexed Folder", select "Add folders to Index"

Once the folder is added, Tonido will automatically begin scanning the folder. The indexing action can take time to complete depending on the number of files and the access speed of the filesystem (Especially if the filesystem is a network mounted share)

The status of share is shown in the "Indexed Folder" section.



How often is automatic Indexing performed and can it be changed?

Indexing is done every 12 hours . However, If no change was detected in the filesystem, then no action is done.

You can change this behavior to do indexing only when user chooses to do by selecting the "When to Index" menu and choosing "Manually" option.

Index can be rebuilt at anytime by tapping the "Index Now" button as well.


Which platforms support Indexing?

Indexing is supported in all Tonido distributions. But some files may not be indexed depending on platform capability. For example, TonidoPlug will not index video files that cannot be transcoded.

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