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Usually when you want to transfer songs from your computer to your device you perform the following steps

  1. Connect your Android Device to the computer.
  2. Transfer music into Android Device.

If you have a large collection this will take a very long time and at times you may fall in storage space problem.

Using Tonido can overcome this problem , as Tonido allows you to transfer music wirelessly and you can also Play the music file and listen to it without downloading it.

Step 1: Install the Tonido desktop app in your PC (Windows,Mac and Linux) and create an user account . Please download Tonido desktop software from here. It is completely FREE.

Step 2: Install the Tonido app from Play Store.

Step 3: Enter the user account information in your Tonido app and watch your videos from anywhere!

To transfer music

1.Navigate to the file that contains your music collection.

2.If you want to play the single file, you can select it and play.

*Play Folder Songs - It will Interrupt the currently playing song and start playing the selected folder.

*Queue Folder Songs - It will not interrupt the currently playing song and it will queue in the currently playing list.

*Download Folder Files - It will Download all the contents in the particular folder.

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