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Streaming video from you computer to  Android Device is very easy using Tonido. Once Tonido is installed in your computer (Windows, Linux or Mac), you can instantly access all your files on your Android Device like Google Nexus and Samsung S3.

Android Device can only play compatible formats such as mp4 and all other files need to be converted to the compatible format before it can be played.

With just a touch of a button,  Tonido will convert videos to android compatible format! Tonido will convert a wide range of video format to formats compatible with device.

If you have a sufficiently powerful computer, you dont even have to wait for the conversion! With the Tonido's Live Streaming support, you can start watching your favorite videos instantly while the video is being converted!

It is super easy! Click here to learn how to get started.

1. Install Tonido Desktop

Install the Tonido desktop app in your PC (Windows,Mac and Linux) and create an user account . Please download Tonido desktop software from here. It is completely FREE.

2. Install Tonido App

Install the Tonido app from Play Store onto your Android Device.

3. Launch Tonido App
When you launch the Tonido app, it will prompt for the account information. Enter the details of the tonido account created in step 1.
To Stream Video in Android
  1. Navigate to the folder containing video in your computer.
  2. Select the video you want to play , and click play.

*Optimize- It will Queue the selected video for conversion so that it can be downloaded if required.

Rename- Help you rename that particular video file name.

Download File- Will download that particular file so that it can be viewed even when your are not connected with internet.


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