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Sometimes you run into a situation where all the Tonido applications gets suspended. You also get a message saying your plug's internal flash is full.


This could happen if you disconnect the USB disk connected to TonidoPlug without properly unmounting it.


Follow these steps to collect necessary debug information for support:

1.      Remove all the USB disks attached to TonidoPlug.

2.      SSH (Steps to SSH) into your TonidoPlug using a tool called "Putty".

3.      Stop Tonido


4.      Run the commands below, the commands will differ depending upon which version of the TonidoPlug you have:


5.      Power off the TonidoPlug.

6.      Plug your USB drive back in.

7.      Power on the TonidoPlug


Note (Step 4)

Some of the old TonidoPlugs might not have the path /media/disk1part1. In that case you need to use /media/usb0 instead. In this case your command will be:


Command rm -rf * should be only on the path stated (and all USB disks removed). Failure to do so might cause data loss or irreparable damage to the plug.



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