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Tonido App allows easy access all your photos in your computer. Once the Tonido application is installed in your computer, all you photos are instantly available on your Android Device.

Tonido allows you to view a wide variety of Photo format like the commonly used JPG, PNG, GIF and the RAW formats such as NEF, CR2 etc.

1. Install Tonido Desktop

Install the Tonido desktop app in your PC (Windows,Mac and Linux) and create an user account . Please download Tonido desktop software from here. It is completely FREE.

2. Install Tonido App

Install the Tonido app from Play Store onto your Android Device.

3. Launch Tonido App
When you launch the Tonido app, it will prompt for the account information. Enter the details of the tonido account created in step 1.

To Download Single Photo.

Navigate to the folder that contains your Photos .

Select the single Photo that you want to Download and then give Download File.

To Download Multiple Photos.

Navigate to the folder that contains your Photos .

Open the Folder that you want to download and then click on Download Folder Files.

This will download all the contents that is present in that folder.

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