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Supported File Systems

  •        FAT
  •        FAT32
  •        NTFS
  •        EXT2
  •        EXT3
  •        HFS+

Multiple Hard Drives

TonidoPlug has only one USB slot, but you can connect multiple USB storage devices to it by using a USB hub. TonidoPlug will automatically identify each device connected to the hub. For best compatibility, we recommend using a powered USB hub.

If a non-powered USB hub is used, the connected hard disks may draw too much power from the TonidoPlug and damage it.


SATA II Hard Drive

For optimal use and energy savings, please use low power, green  SATA drives (5400 RPM, 9.5 mm) or SSDs. Don't use old HDDs from your laptop or any other portable storage devices. 


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