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What is Tonido?

Tonido is a free remote file access, sharing application designed to make it easy for businesses or individuals to access and share files stored on a computer through a secured web browser session. With Tonido, you will be able to view, download, share, edit, and stream the items listed below securely without having to upload files to a cloud service provider: 

  • Files
  • Documents
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Music

 Files may be synced between multiple computers or devices with the primary sharing source to ensure flawless data regardless of the location. Forget the days of being limited by phone or tablet capacity and physical locations! Tonido puts remote access and sharing capabilities in the palm of your hand at any time from any location.

Getting Started

  1. STEP 1: Download and Install Tonido Desktop Software for your computer from
  2. STEP 2: After Installation, start Tonido Desktop, and it will automatically open a web browser with a registration form. Create an unique name to identify this computer. This name will be part of a custom URL to access your computer from anywhere. e.g:

Access your computer from a web browser

Type the following link into your web browser:

Access your computer from Tonido Mobile App (for iOS, Android, Blackberry, WP7)


Account: yourname

Password: <your account password>

Additional Notes

No additional steps are required to view, download, and share items from the primary computer once it has been initially set up for remote access. Mobile applications are available to improve the desktop access experience from a smartphone or tablet. An additional client can be downloaded to sync files between the source and another computer or device. File syncing ensures documents and additional items remain up-to-date for viewing or use. 

File syncing can be done by downloading SYNC2 from

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