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Tonido versions before 2.35 had a software issue where only the changes in the folders in the top level sync folder were detected. After Tonido 2.35, this software issue was fixed, however, if you have a lot of sub folders (greater than 8000) in the sync folder, you might find that changes in the sub folders are still not detected. Tonido depends on the inotify kernel module to know when files are added or edited in real-time, and you may need to increase the number of watches that can be created.

The inotify module is govered by a property called max_user_watches. If you attempt to exceed the max number you'll see the following error in the tonido.log

addWatches: Possible watch limit reached

The default value on most systems is 8192.

You can temporarily update the value with:

echo 1048576 > /proc/sys/fs/inotify/max_user_watches

You can update the value permanently by putting the following value in /etc/sysctl.conf and restarting:


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