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1. Login to Plug Admin

TonidoPlug related configuration is always done using the Tonido Plug Admin. To access Plug Admin pages, login into your account, click on the "TonidoPlug Admin" link on the left.

You will need to enter your Plug Admin password you had setup during initial plug setup. Use your admin password to login. Remember, this password is different from your Tonido account password.

Please note that you can only open Plug Admin if you are in the same LAN as the TonidoPlug (however there is a way to make this Plug Admin accessible remotely in recent TonidoPlug software).


2. Change Network Settings (Wireless)

Enter Wifi details such as SSID, wifi type and password to connect.

3. Set Address Type

  •  Address Type - DHCP (Default)

Most homes will have DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol), where your router automatically assigns IP address for computers and devices connected to it. If your router is DHCP you need not change settings in this tab. Values for IP, default gateway, domain name, and DNS servers will be automatically assigned. So you do not need to do anything.

  •  Address Type - Static

Note that this is an advanced setting and if you are not sure about these settings, do not modify them. Doing so might make your plug inaccessible.

If your network setup is not DHCP, you have to assign a fixed IP for your plug. You need to have the following information to complete the setting.

  •        IP Address: Assign an IP Address of your TonidoPlug that is unique and not used by any other devices connected to the router.
  •        Subnet: Subnet Address of your TonidoPlug.
  •        Gateway: Gateway router used by your TonidoPlug.
  •        DNS 0,1: DNS server 1 used by your TonidoPlug.

You can get inputs for subnet, gateway and DNS from your network administrator or you can find this information from another machine connected to the same local network. In Windows machine connected to the local network, open a command prompt and type "ipconfig /all", you will see values for subnet, gateway and DNS listed.


4. Configure HotSpot

  • Select the hotspot mode "EXPERIMENTAL: Share network connection with other devices (Hotspot mode)"
  • Set the SSID for the Hotspot
  • Choose a DHCP range that is different from your current LAN (LAN to which TonidoPlug is connected)
  • Click "Enable Hotspot"

Pl note: Tonidoplug should be connected 'wired' for HotSpot to work.


Note: Wired connections are robust, reliable and recommended than Wireless connections



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