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You are experiencing a problem that can't be fixed by conventional solutions. The Tonido support team has asked you to send them your TonidoPlug's debug logs in order to determine what's wrong.


  1. Download the debug log collector from the following link:
  2. Copy the file you downloaded to a USB storage device and then unzip it. For best compatibility, we recommend using a USB device that uses the FAT32 file system. Browse to <Device's drive letter>\tonido\autoexe and make sure that is there.
  3. Connect the USB storage device to your TonidoPlug. Wait for about a minute.
  4. Disconnect the USB storage device. Connect it to your PC or Mac.
  5. You should see a new file called "debug.tar" in <Device's drive letter>\tonido\autoexe. Send this file to the support team.


What Information is collected?

  • System logs (/var/log/messages*)
  • Tonido logs (<tonido_home>/approot/logs/*)
  • Network settings (file /etc/network/interfaces)
  • Current network card information (Output of ifconfig command)
  • Current process tree (Output of ps auxf command)
  • Current live network connections (Output of netstat -an command)
  • Free memory (Output of free -m)
  • Disk space usage (Output of du -h)
  • Mount space usage (Output of df -h)


   Some USB storage devices aren't compatible with this procedure. If you don't see "debug.tar" in in <Device's drive letter>\tonido\autoexe after following the steps above, try again with a different device.

   Remember to remove any sensitive information from the log files before you submit them.



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