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Tonido Sync Folder locations can be changed manually on Tonido versions 2.34 and above by editing the configuration XML file. We only suggest doing this if you are comfortable editing files.

Tonido Sync Server Folder DEFAULT Locations 

 WindowsMac OSXLinuxTonidoPlug
Sync Server Data Location%APPDATA%\TonidoSyncData\server{HomeDir}\TonidoSyncData\server{HomeDir}\TonidoSyncData\server{UserDataDirectory}\TonidoSyncData\server
Sync Client Data Location%APPDATA%\TonidoSyncData\client{HomeDir}\TonidoSyncData\client{HomeDir}\TonidoSyncData\client{UserDataDirectory}\TonidoSyncData\client
Sync Folder{MyDocumentsFolder}\TonidoSync{HomeDir}\TonidoSync{HomeDir}\TonidoSync{UserDataDirectory}\TonidoSync

Config File Location

To change sync folder location, please open the syncserverconfig.xml file located in the following locations.



Usually: %APPDATA%\tonido\profiles\<yourprofile>\plugindata\syncserver\syncserverconfig.xml

Mac OSX{HomeDir}\tonido\profiles\<yourprofile>\plugindata\syncserver\syncserverconfig.xml

XML format

How to Change

  1. To change the locations, first make sure all the current sync2 operations are stopped.
  2. If you have been already synching files in the default location, make sure to copy that folder to the new location. 
  3. Then replace the DEFAULT string with the full path to that folder in the syncserverconfig.xml file. For example, if your new sync folder location is D:\TonidoSync, replace the syncfolderlocation DEFAULT to D:\TonidoSync
  4. Then re-enable the Sync2 application.
  5. Test whether sync is happening correctly before removing the original location
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