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Sometimes your TonidoPlug becomes inaccessible. You are unable to determine the IP address of the plug both from the website as well as from your home router.


  • TonidoPlug is not able to connect to internet. Though the plug was able to get a proper IP address, it might not have correct DNS or gateway setting.
  • Internal flash of TonidoPlug is full. This could happen when the USB disk is removed from the plug without unmounting it first.
  • Tonido software didn't start properly, so it couldn't update the latest IP information of the TonidoPlug to the website.


Try the following in order: 

1.      Unplug TonidoPlug from power and connect it back. Wait for couple of minutes and try logging in. Go to next step, if not successful. Note: Make sure you are typing the correct IP address of your TonidoPlug i.e., use the plug's IP address, such as, and NOT the http://<profile>

2.      Check to see if the TonidoPlug shows up on the Router's client list. If it shows, make sure you are typing the correct IP address of your TonidoPlug. Otherwise, try the next step.

3.      Make sure the Ethernet cable connecting the TonidoPlug and the Router is in good condition. Replace the Ethernet cable with the one you know that works. Check the Router's client list to see if your TonidoPlug shows up and use the correct IP address. Go to next step, if not successful

4.      There is a possibility that the TonidoPlug was set to Static IP at some point. Let's reset the TonidoPlug to DHCP. Follow the steps listed at TonidoPlug DHCP Reset. After resetting to DHCP, go to your Router's client list to get the new IP address of the TonidoPlug and use the IP address to access. If this didn't solve the problem, go to the next step.

5.      Let's make sure your internal Flash Disk is not full. Please follow steps here, to clean Flash Disk: Clean Flask Disk.Go to next step, if unsuccessful.

6.      We would like to take a look at the logs. Post your logs in our forums, by following steps at: TonidoPlug Logs.

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