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TonidoPlug runs Linux; hence technically you can install other software (limited by memory size and process speed). However, we don't offer any kind of technical support if you attempt to do this.  When you install other software we recommend you to boot the TonidoPlug from either external USB drive or SATA disk. If you install software on flash and brick the device CodeLathe is not responsible for it.



Follow the steps outlined here, if you like to boot your plug with an USB drive and customize the plug environment. Remember, installing any software on the plug booted from a USB drive doesn't void the warranty. The reason is that all the changes you make to the plug environment is saved only in your USB drive and the internal flash remains unaffected. 

  •        Connect the USB drive to TonidoPlug. The USB drive will be auto mounted on /media/usb0. Stop samba server and unmount the USB drive before proceeding. To do this SSH to the TonidoPlug and run the following commands.


  •        Make sure the external USB drive is not mounted anywhere else. Check the output of the following command.

           As you can see the USB hard drive (usually /dev/sdaX) is not mounted anywhere else


  •        Format the USB drive partition. You are about to create EXT3 file system on the USB drive partition. Warning: This command will wipe all the data on the partition.


Note: If you have multiple partitions in your USB drive, you have to always use the first partition, because the TonidoPlug will boot only from the first partition of the external drive.

  •        Once the formatting is completed, mount the partition on a temporary directory


  •        Download the root and modules tar ball from TonidoPlug site and place in the newly created ext3 partition.

TonidoPlug 2 (You would need only rootfs.tar.gz, which includes the files from modules.tar.gz)

TonidoPlug 1 (Use following code)


  •        Please make sure the checksum of the files match the following values.

TonidoPlug 2

TonidoPlug 1



  •        Untar the downloaded tar file onto the ext3 partition.


  •        Now stop tonido and copy the tonido directory from your existing internal flash disk.


  •        Now everything is ready. You can unmount the drive and reboot the plug. Leave the USB hard disk on the plug itself. When the plug reboots, it should reboot off the USB drive.


  •        You can ensure that the plug has booted on the external HDD by using the following command.
Note: You can see that we have booted the plug of the 4GB USB stick. If you see 512MB then probably you are still booting of the internal flash.

   Not all USB disks or sticks are compatible for booting the plug. If your plug is not booting with the USB disk you've used then please repeat the procedure with a different USB disk.

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