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Account Creation


Creating a Tonido account is a simple process.


Note: For every computer that you want to access via Tonido, you need to install the Tonido Desktop Software and create an unique link (URL) for that computer. So if you have two computers, you need Tonido Desktop on both and and you will also need to create separate accounts for each.


Note: that the Tonido account information is fully stored locally. Please backup this information carefully because if you lose the local profile data it is not possible to recover the use of that same account again. 

Tonido Startup

Once you start up Tonido software, a web browser will open automatically to the page

You will create an account using the form in that page.

Account information

The following details are required to complete the account creation form:

  • Your Tonido account name. This can only be comprised of alphabets and numbers. This becomes part of your URL to access your Tonido software.
  • A strong password. Make sure this is a really strong password.
  • Your email address. This is used to recover your password in case you forget it, so make sure you enter the correct email address.

  • Agree to the terms and conditions 

Once you click on submit and your selected account name is available, the account is created locally and you are logged in.

Common Issues

Note that to create a profile, you need an active Internet connection.

  • Once your profile is created, you do not need to be online.   
  • It is possible that profile creation fails, if you are behind a restrictive firewall that disallows HTTP over ports other than 80. Some corporate firewalls might have this restriction. In this case, create a profile at home or from a less restrictive firewall. Once a profile is created, you do not need to be online, so you can use many of Tonido's features and applications within a restricted firewall.


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