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PLEASE NOTE: This feature is available only on the TonidoPlug and not on Desktop versions of Tonido 

TonidoPlug: Access my USB Drives in Windows Explorer, Mac OSX Finder

Within your LAN: First Determine your Plug's IP Address

1. Open using a web browser from a computer in the same local network as your TonidoPlug.

2.  Note the private IP address listed in the page e.g This is your Plug's local IP Address.



1. Type \\\ (your TonidoPlug's IP address) in your windows explorer, you should see your external hard drive connected to the plug.

2.  You can browse like any other folder and you can map this location if you want to.







1.  Type \\\ (your TonidoPlug's IP address) in your Finder -> Connect to Server dialog




1. Open "Places"->Connect to Server and then hit "Connect".



Outside your LAN

 Mount a shared folder in WebsharePro as a Local Drive

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