Why Tonido? - Answers from our users

We have consolidated and ranked reasons 'to run Tonido 24x7' based on our recent customer survey. Here are the top 10 reasons to run your Tonido all day and every day:

Top 10 reasons to run Tonido 24x7
1) Secure, Private access to your data via an Unique Personal URL

Tonido gives you an unique URL e.g to your computer. You can use this URL to access data in your computer from any remote computer through a web browser. Since Tonido is highly secure, it is like having your own private website to access your home computer. Your data is not stored or accessed by anyone other than you!

2) Manage files remotely from anywhere

You can use Tonido Explorer to browse, copy, rename or delete your files at home even when you are sitting miles away. You can even share any file/directories with others with just one-click.

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3) Create an URL for any file and share

Instead of uploading files to external servers, you can use Webshare application to create an URL to a file and share the URL with your friends. Don't spend time attaching files in an email or uploading files to external websites. You will still know who accessed your shared files and exactly when they accessed it.

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4) Stream your Videos

Watch your videos stored at home straight through your browser.

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5) Listen to your music collection from anywhere

Listen to your music collection from your office computer or from your mobile (Support coming for iPhone/Android). All you need to do is to type in a browser and play any songs from your collection, everything happens within your browser. The fun part is - you can even give access to your full music collection to your friends and family for them to listen to it.

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6) Manage Torrents from anywhere

You can connect to your home computer at any time and can start downloading Torrents. The cool thing is - you can even start a torrent download from your iPhone's web browser. By the time you are home, your torrent download is ready for you.

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7) Manage your Finances

Money Manager EX (MMEX) was recently made available on Tonido. You can manage your finances from anywhere, while keeping your data completely on your own computer, instead of storing anything on third party websites.

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8) Backup anytime/anywhere

Tonido Backup lets you backup files/folders to another computer within your home or even with another computer that is outside your home network. All you need is a network connection.

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9) Your personal blog

You can use Thots to keep a personal journal of your thoughts, interesting web snippets, todo lists and any other piece of information that you want to save. You can access this information from anywhere. Importantly, you can run your own blog just like any other blog website. In fact, you can select the posts that you want to be visible to others and only those posts will be visible to the external world.

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10) Free and cross Platform

It is free and available on Windows/Mac/Linux!

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Why did we create Tonido?

As computer geeks, we were able to setup complex software to access our computer's data and files. However, there was no existing solution for anyone else to do the same easily. So two years ago, we started building Tonido as an easy-to-use solution that gave users the ability to access and share your files and apps via the browser from anywhere.

Tonido offers a compelling alternative to online cloud services and allows you to run your own personal cloud using your existing computer. Keeping true to our mission - "Empower customers in a connected world" -Tonido offers universal access to your files, music and media from anywhere without sacrificing privacy, control and ownership of your data.