Tonido on Ubuntu




         Tonido runs on Ubuntu, Xubuntu, Kubuntu 8.04 and above

         Tonido comes as a Debian package

         Tonido has not been tested on previous versions of Ubuntu

         Tonido can be installed on 64 bit versions of Ubuntu. See instructions below.




1.      Download TonidoSetup_i686.deb

2.      Double-Click on it and click "Install Package"

3.      Start Tonido from Applications->Internet->Tonido


64 bit Systems

We don't have a Tonido package for 64 bit yet. Meanwhile, you might want to try this:


sudo apt-get install ia32-libs


After installation, you can either launch by running or using GTK icon tray.


To run


cd /usr/local/tonido

./ start


If you are trying to launch Tonido with GTK tray icon support and don't have GTK IA32, then run:


sudo apt-get install ia32-libs-gtk