Tonido issues with sync, upload and big/multiple files

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Tonido issues with sync, upload and big/multiple files

Postby stefrogovskiy » Mon Apr 23, 2018 3:05 am

Dear Developers & Community,

I am currently experiencing the following issues with my cloud:

1) Moto M, running on Android 7.0 - cannot upload files from System storage (the list of folders is empty). In the same time Samsung Galaxy Note 4 does it without any problem.

2) Unsupported file types for uploading from phone to the cloud: .rtf, .epub, .mp4. That was discovered during experiments during today. It shows "Uploaded", but the file doesn't appear

Also, Filecloud and Tonido listing at "Share" feature from other apps would be more than fantastic.
I would be glad about your feedback.

3) ability to transfer big files. Yesterday I tried to upload a movie of 1,5GB from mobile device to cloud, and unfortunately the app stops on about 5-7% of processing. It just shows "Tonido has stopped"

4) it would be great if you can enable drag-drop function in web-interface

5) it would be great if you add "select all" checkbox everywhere around

6) in "Upload from" selection it would be great to add "Music Library"

7) Cut / Paste function doesn't work always

8) Swipe right could open a 2nd view of the directory, like in Solid Explorer and Total Commander. This feature made them very popular and we can enhance FileCloud, as swipe right doesn't assigned any function yet

If the developers team can work on that - it would be very helpful!

Best Regards,

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