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Sync FAQ

Postby madhan » Sat Sep 03, 2011 9:33 am

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1. Troubleshooting: Where do I find tonido sync log file?
It is found in the following locations:
Windows: %APPDATA%\TonidoSyncData\client\syncclient.log
Linux: HomeDir\TonidoSyncData\client\syncclient.log
OSX: HomeDir\TonidoSyncData\client\synclcient.log

2. What user name and credentials are used to login for Sync?
Currently, only Admin can login. Guest access support will be available later.

3. Does Sync support SSL?
Not currently, we have plans to support it in our roadmap next.

4. Should I install Tonido Sync Client App and the Tonido Server App (With Sync) in the same computer?
No, that is not supported, only either the Tonido Sync App or the Server (Sync) should be installed and running on one computer.

5. Some files are not synchronized, why?
- Check if the file path is not too long. Windows only supports path names 260 characters long, OS X about 1024 characters and Linux about 4096 characters.

6. My files are not synching why?
- Sync tries to ensure reliable sync, where every single failure to sync will stop the sync process. This ensures that when you are synching there is really no data loss and you are sure of the data that is being synchronized across computers.
- Usually a stopped sync process means some data required for sync is not available from a remote location or a file got corrupted in the remote server or it could be a bug in the software.
- In these cases, we can identify the problem usually by getting the log files. If it is a bug, we will quickly fix it.

7. Why don't you offer unlimited sync since it fully powered by my storage?
Tonido sync uses the relay service to transfer data across remote computers. In that case there is a real cost associated with transferring data across our servers. That is why there are limits to the free sync capacity provided. So even though the storage is yours, the bandwidth used is ours and we have pay for it.

8. Known sync issues?
- If files have ".." in them that causes troubles with sync to happen. This has been fixed on Upcoming Tonido v2.51.
- If sync directory is changed without proper reset sync will not work properly

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