Synch folder?

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Synch folder?

Postby FewClues » Sat Jul 30, 2011 1:01 am

Is it possible attach Tonido on a Linux box? IE can I use it as though it were a second drive and drag and drop.

Final question and my check is in the mail.
Is there an option that will automatically sync a folder on my computer to the drive attached to the Tonido - like a dropbox folder?

I bought a Tonido when they first launched and unfortunately my unit proved to be an exception and locked up after about 3 weeks. Tonido immediately took the unit back. I still want the unit and will purchase a new one. It was great having it just for the NAS even without web apps.

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Re: Synch folder?

Postby dongadoy » Wed Aug 03, 2011 12:00 am

TonidoPlug mounts a connected USB drive as a SAMBA share. If your computer is connected to the local network, you can get to the network share.

I'm not much of Linux user, but I would guess whatever flavor of file explorer that you use will work with network shares. Search the Internet for a Linux app that will automatically sync to a network share; seems to me a backup-type app may sync. (I'm assuming your regular computer is Linux.)

Tonido's Workspace app might work for you for syncing files. You should try it for free between your computer and a friend's computer before buying a TonidoPlug. Make sure it has the functionality for which you're looking.

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