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Posted: Tue Mar 21, 2017 9:03 am
by DBoydNL
I seem to have Tonido Sync version 14.90 with a bunch of other numbers (cannot copy & paste the version # - sigh). I downloaded Tonido from the website, so assumed I'd have the latest version. Apparently not, since the Version 1 forum is locked. So I seem to have no choice but to post here.

Yesterday I was working first on a Word 2013 document, then later and simultaneously on a PowerPoint 2013 presentation. As I was working for a few hours on this, Tonido came up with sync attemtps, some of which ended up being a conflict. There is no way to click on the "sign" that pops up to find out what the conflict is about. I checked Help to see if I could find out what the conflict was about, but it was no help, since it shows me screenshots that I don't have (a different version?).
Today I opened to the PowerPoint presentation, and was given two warnings that there was a problem with the file's content and did I want to restore it. Since that was the only option that actually opened the file I chose to restore. I ended up with a version of the file that was several hours prior to the finished product. I checked the HD and the Cloud, but there was no more recent or complete version. I ended up loosing at least 1 hour of work. I opened the Word doc and got the same messages and the same older file with at least an hour of work missing. Last night after giving my lecture with this PowerPoint presentation, I closed PowerPoint (and shut off the computer), and it did not ask me if I wanted to save the file. There should be a working, completed file on my HD somewhere, after all I used the presentation last night! I run weekly backups, and my backup moment has not occurred yet, so I cannot get it back there. What is going on?
Today I was working on a different Word file and got a conflict from Tonido Sync again. I saved the document under a different name and all seems to be okay with this file. However, I now have several versions of the same document saved (the incomplete version with the original file naem, the file with Conflict appended to the filename, and the "saved as" version, which I am assuming is the only version of the file that will actually be complete. All of these are also on the synced Cloud drive.
Is this normal? Is this what I can expect from Tonido Sync: lost data!???

I decided not to turn on the deleting when syncing feature. Since part of my point of syncing is to have a quick backup just in case something goes wrong (actually: if I do something stupid), deleting files on the synced drive every 30 min. would be counterproductive. However, after a while it seems prudent to delete files that are synced on the cloud drive, when they remain not or no longer present on the Data drive. How can I accomplish that? For instance, I run my data files backup on Friday at 19:00 hrs. Is there a way to have sync delete al deleted files after the backup is done? Like at 21:00 hrs?

Is the archive bit used by Tonido to accomplish syncing? If so, will syncing change the status of that bit and cause that file not to be backed up by my incremental backup routine by EaseUS ToDoBackup (or any other backup program)?

I'd appreciate some assistance.

David Boyd
The Netherlands

Re: Problems

Posted: Fri Mar 24, 2017 2:30 am
by nagapriya
1. for conflict and errors - please click on More options ----> view errors and conflicts to know more
2. for Is there a way to have sync delete al deleted files after the backup is done? Like at 21:00 hrs? - as of now, there is no way tonido sync would handle this.

thank you.

Re: Problems

Posted: Fri Mar 24, 2017 4:16 am
by DBoydNL
Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately, I am a newbie, so I need more direction than what you gave. When I click on the Tonido Sync Icon in my system tray or desktop, Explorer opens. There is no "more options" button to click on. When I click on the Tonido icon on my desktop (the sun) it tells me it cannot start the program since it is already running. So, can you please explain to this newbie how to get to any kind of program or interface that would permit me to locate a "More Options" button or tab?
Also unfortunate is that I did not get an answer to my version number question, nor my archive bit question.

I have given some more thought to my conflict problem. I created the PPP and Word file during the afternoon. I closed my laptop and disconnected the power (obviously, since I was transporting it to another location). I think my laptop turns off when I do that (I cannot verify that, since my laptop does not do what I selected in Power Settings). I am nearly 100% sure that when I turned on the computer at the school (or brought it out of hibernation), I started up Powerpoint and selected the PPP from the list of recent files. It opened fine and there were no problems. I had also printed my lesson plan, which as a matter of course I NEVER do without first saving the document. After printing it, I shut down Word. Obviously, while at the school, I was not connected to the external HD, which I use as my own cloud. I did not save the PPP when I shut PowerPoint down at the school. The following morning both files were corrupted both on my HD and on the cloud drive. Making the entire syncing process useless.

On Friday I created a different Word document and PPP. On Sunday I opened them both and they announced that they had a problem and did I want that repaired. Cosmetic changes to the word document, that I had saved to its template (dotx) were no longer present. Other than that the content of both files was the way I had it when I last edited both files. Here is what I NEED to know. Is this what I can expect from Tonido syncing my data to a cloud HD on my router? If so, then I am going to be removing the software AND writing a scathing review!

Additionally, I have noticed that all the data & time stamps on the synced files have been changed to the date of the first sync (with the exception of files synced since then). This is most unfortunate as well, even beyond unfortunate, rendering those files basically useless - at least for my purposes. Is there any way to turn this annoying and debilitating feature off?

I am increasingly dissatisfied with the software. It is possibly I am doing something wrong, but I am going to need some help figuring out what that might be!


Re: Problems

Posted: Mon Jun 26, 2017 1:51 am
by Sreeja