Unable to create\upload files

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Rookie Tonidoid
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Unable to create\upload files

Postby TimITP » Tue Mar 03, 2015 8:28 pm

Hi All, I'm just trialing the filecloud virtual appliance and have the base interface running however if I log in as a user I dont get the upload button to be able to upload files. So I decided to get the windowsdrive app and see if I can put files through there. It looks like I can put files into the mapped drive but they dont sync back to the server, the logs state.

Code: Select all

14:19:00:394 [0] []:I: Tonido::Cache::createFile : Drive Local File \New Text Document.txt Cache (data\\Cache\\New Text Document.txt) created successfully
14:19:03:321 [0] []:I: Tonido::Cache::renameFile : \New Text Document.txt ==> \testing.txt
14:19:03:331 [0] []:I: Tonido::Cache::renameFile : Renaming remote file /New Text Document.txt ==> /testing.txt
14:19:03:379 [0] []:E: Tonido::TonidoConnector::renameOrMoveRemoteFile: Rename or Move failed.  result=0 message: Invalid From or To Path
14:19:03:384 [0] []:E: Tonido::Cache::renameFile : Error renaming remote file New Text Document.txt to name. COULD be a locally created file testing.txt

I'm wondering if there is a permissions issue in the server.

Any help appreciated as I want to check the functionality before purchasing the license.

Tonido Team
Tonido Team
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Re: Unable to create\upload files

Postby Aruna » Mon Mar 09, 2015 2:10 am

Please send you queries related to Filecloud to support@codelathe.com

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