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Location not available

Posted: Sun Apr 05, 2015 9:16 pm
by drtomrug
Windows 7 on an HP laptop (server) TonidoDrive server version

Windows 7 on an HP laptop (client) and Windows 7 on an HP desktop (client). Tonido Drive client v

On many occasions, if I open Computer: TonidoDrive (H:) then subfolders, I will be able to access the files/folders. If I leave it open and try the very same folder again, I get a message stating that the location is unavailable. If I go to the address bar and click on TonidoDrive (H:) and navigate back to the same folder that was unavailable, it can be accessed again. An example is available on my dropbox folder (dropbox because I cannot yet directly save an iPhone video to my Tonido drive): ...

The same problem occurs if I am working with a Microsoft Word document: I will open it from the TonidoDrive location, make changes. The first save is OK but subsequent saves result in a similar location not available error message. However, if I save it with "save as..." then I can save it in the same location.

Any advice...? the advice from 2014 with this issue resulted in "update," but there are no additional updates available...